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Hello! I would like to welcome you to the third image gallery about the Robotik Room. I am still not sure, if I'll keep that name for this piece and I also haven't decided yet, what I'll show inside this white cube. There are so many ideas and ... well ... I simply don't know which is best. But this doesn't matter, because there's enough to do until the machine runs perfectly, so there's also plenty of time to think about what will be shown inside. In the meantime, at least you can have a look at the progress of building the hardware. On the image below, I am drilling holes into the top construction. Later, I'll fix that wooden beams on top of the trusses with thread rods, which go through those holes.




The two pulleys inside that truss carry the counterweight for the sliding mechanism. This weight pulls the slider to one side and the motor pulls it to the other side.


Then, it was also time to build the first walls. Those four walls will be the "ring", which is on top. I'll have to lift them, and afterwards, I will hang the other walls (which will flap 90°) below them.


When I did set up these walls, it looked like a swimming pool without water. And it was a bit strange, that I could enter this quite large and empty space inside my workshop only by this ladder.


Another view of my dry pool.


I've attached some vinyl guidance to the walls. They'll go around copper water tubes, later and keep the construction in position. They're built quite massive, because they also have to hold the whole weight of the room, when it is moved down.


Now, the first wall is already in its final position. It is held by the copper tubes.


The same thing, seen from the opposite direction.


And a close up of the construction.


When the room is moved down, the vinyl parts will stop on big rubber door stoppers.


Almost all the walls are already in their final position.


Can you see the cardboard model of the room in my shop window?


The space of my workshop, where I am building all the parts for the room, shrinks dramatically.


Another picture, which looks also nice, but there's nothing new to say about it. So, just watch it.


When I stood on the ladder, I also wanted to take a picture of this nice view on the slider mechanism. Here it is.


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