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The difference between this and the first photo series is maybe not that big, but I received this new developed film from the drugstore, and I thought I should show you at least some of the images. Below, there's a nice picture of the stuff that made me suffer during the last days: Liquid plastic. I don't really know, if I can recommend to use it. The surface of the floor looks quite well, now. But as I mentioned already in the last gallery, this stinks very unhealthy and I'm really happy, that the paint job is over.


Sometimes, I have to work at the computer (like now, when I'm writing this) and due to the limited space, I always set up my desktop inside the construction. For people, which pass my workshop and see me through the shop window, this must look quite histrionic.


I have two of those motor winches. Each can drag 100 kilos (or 200 with a 1:2 tackle). The one on the picture below will move the slider on the floor. The other will lift the room.


Here, you can see how the truss is dragged into the fundament.


And the next picture shows, that also in terms of height, I'm going to the limits of my workshop.


The second motor will lift the room. For this, I'll probably use the tackle. You can also see, that the motor is simply slided into one of the trusses. Then, it is fixed in its position with a clasp. There's no force on that clasp. It just prevents the motor to move out of position.


For the top of the barriers, I've bought some heavy duty anti slide tape in warning colors.


Here, you can see the slider. This will move under the barriers. The liquid plastic on the MDF makes its surface very slick, so maybe I'll have to adhere some more anti slide tape on top of it. But this will be transparent, then. Otherwise, it would totally confuse the line detection unit (LDU) of the vehicle. By the way: The reason, why I painted the floor in gray is simple. I'll paint the lines, which the car will follow in white onto the floor. But if the exhibition space has a very light floor and I have to use black tape for the cars, I can simply adhere black tape on top of the white line. In both cases, gray is a good contrast color, so the car will always see, where it has to go.


I also mounted my camera on top of a ladder to make some overview timer release pictures with me on it. Here's one of them.


And when I had the camera on the ladder already, I also photographed a panorama, which you can move by your mouse in that small flash application, below.


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