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During the last weeks, I thought about what could be shown inside the white cube. To explain the possible content, I've made this drawing below. You can click here for a hires version of the sketch.


Let's have a closer look to the white cube in this drawing. As you can see, there are frames on the wall and the wall inside those frames is cut out. So, once the viewer is inside the room at one of the defined positions for watching each image, he has a determined perspective through the frames and he will look at one of the four installations outside.

I would be happy, if those four installations would look very abstract from outside, but once you see them through the "windows", they disclose their content. A possible way to reach this, might be also to change the lighting situation on the installations, when the visitor watches each "picture".

It could be also interesting, not just to have installations but maybe also a performance group, who plays a 15 seconds theatre play for each visitor - somehow, like a tableau vivant. Or it is possible not only to set up static installations, but kinetic ones, which show a picture in motion, as soon as the Gallerydrive car is in the correct position for watching it. There would be many different ways to create those images, and I think it offers a good basis to let other artists participate in a Gallerydrive show.


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