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White cubes are associated with galleries at once. And white cubes offer great possibilities for the concept of Gallerydrive. I could imagine several mechanical rooms, which start to move, or set themselves up, as soon as a visitor enters them. Some of those shape shifting gallery rooms could be highlights of the course. In the video below, you can see a simple example of what I mean.

Since the moving room is the main artwork in this case, I would like to have some simple decorative pictures at the walls. To have a closer look at the pictures, that I produced for this video, please click here.


The Gallerydrive exhibitions should not only be interesting for visitors, which are currently sitting in a car and driving through it, but also for visitors, watching the course from outside. They will recognize the people in the cars as part of the whole installation, so there should be situations, where the driving visitors are presented as artworks as well.

I should also mention, that the piece below is not only inspired by this guy named Warhol, but also by "Starschnitt" of La belle Imira.


On the ways, which connect the major pieces of course, there will be a lot of space to set up simple installations like the one, shown below.


Perspective distortions offer the possibility to set up pieces, which are already pre distorted and only look straightened at a certain point of view. The installation below shows a smiley. When the visitor starts to drive towards it, the smiley will look ugly first, but as closer the visitor comes to that certain point, where pre distortion and perspective distortion compensate, it will look normal. When the visitor drives further, it will look ugly again.


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